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PRODEO PANAMÁ has been the company in charge of waterproofing the roofs of the Hotel Riu on Calle 50.


This action of 1,300 m2 consisted of the supply and installation of a 4.00 mm prefabricated waterproofing membrane. based on distilled bitumen and elasto-plastomeric polymers with composite reinforcement in non-woven fabric in continuous yarn polyester fiber, with high mechanical characteristics and excellent dimensional stability.


The type of membrane to be installed was self-protected, on the upper face, with slate, which reduces the absorption of heat on the surface, increasing the durability of the membrane, it is also provided with a 10 cm lateral edge to facilitate union and stability. of the fabrics.


On the upper deck of the building, a formation of slopes was made based on isocyanurate insulation panels on which the membrane detailed above was applied.


To carry out this action, a plan was made with the exact measurements of the roof and the location of drains, coffers, etc. From there, a custom design was carried out with the numbering and location of each of the panels that will make up the slope.


Once the slope has been made, the asphalt layer is placed as in the rest of the roofs.

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