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PRODEO PANAMÁ carried out the construction of the Nestlé Global Purchasing Center, located in Costa del Este, Panama.

It is the Nestlé Global Purchasing Hub, an office with an area of 2,600 m2 on one floor. All quality, safety and equipment standards of a leading multinational such as Nestlé were met. The complete construction of the entire office was carried out, from the masonry to the finishes and fixed furniture, including all the air conditioning, electricity, fire protection systems, etc. The technical requirements to carry out the project were of a very high level, to highlight:

  • IT system according to Nestlé Globe It requirements: own IT room and IDF, telecommunications system by telepresence, etc.

  • State-of-the-art air conditioning system type VRF.

  • High-performance rubber flooring, a novelty in the Panamanian market.

  • Top quality finishes: European profile aluminum carpentry, top quality water-repellent wood in common areas, premium lighting line, etc.


Apart from complying with the highest standards required by Nestlé, all this action was carried out in just two months and three weeks.

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